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Because You'd Rather shape what people think of your brand than have them make misconceptions, right?

Hi Everyone!

I never knew branding was something you took action to do (unless you were some big corporation with cash for global campaigns). I thought it just sort of happened, and hopefully your brand was viewed in a good light.

Well now I know better! Anyone who owns a business needs to take proactive steps to brand themselves. It doesn't matter if you're a service provider, a product developer, or an affiliate. 

Right now, I'm working on putting this course together and as I do, I'm letting you have access to three things in each day's task with one condition. (Okay, two.)

The three things you get in each Branding Day Challenge file are:

1. The zip file of the PDF.

2. The blog URL where can access the PRIVATE (locked) discussion about this task - gain support, etc.

3. The password that lets you into the blog post (it's different for every day).

I only ask for two things in return:

1. You implement the task after you buy it. I'm not persnickety about  how long it takes you to do it. We all have different schedules. Just don't let it become obsolete because it's sitting on your hard drive five years from now. 

2. You give me your feedback. I like bluntness. What sucked about it? What rocked your world? Were you confused about anything? I have thick skin and the only way to make a perfect product is to have guinea pigs using it and being honest with me about what could make it even better.  

So here's the listing of what's available to date:

Sorry I don't have everything bundled. You have to buy them individually by clicking on each hyperlink, but they're only $1 EACH right now (price will go up when I complete the course in full and launch properly).

Introduction - PDF1 (Please don't discount this introduction to the course - it could be the boost you need to get started and persevere through it whenever you feel intimidated by any task).

Day 1 - PDF 2 - This task is called "Who Do you Want Your Brand to Be?" It's an exercise in mapping out the impression you want people to have of your brand.

Day 2 - PDF 3 - This task is called "Show the World What You're About" and it's your first step in putting your message out there as a statement for your brand.

Day 3 - PDF 4 - This task is called "Become a Trusted Leader By Showing Your Sharing Skills" and it teaches you how to use curation as a branding benefit. This is the day I first released that confused everyone - so I started over and the second attempt met with rave reviews!

Day 4 - PDF 5 - This task is called "Have Your Ear to the Ground" and it's about making sure you know what's being said about your brand - and how to stay on top of it. This should be on your radar because "reputation management" services are booming right now - and there's a reason for that!

Day 5 - PDF 6 - This task is called "Become a Part of the Sharing Circle" and it's about test drive a social networking site with your brand to build relationships with your target audience.

Day 6 - PDF 7 - This task is called "Discovering Your Brand's Klout" and it's about seeing how influential you are with your target audience online. It's okay to start out at a zero, but there are ways you can become an influence in your niche, too!

Day 7 - PDF 8 - This task is called "Meeting Your Audience's Needs" and it's about ensuring that your brand is meeting the 6 basic human needs of your prospective customers. 

Day 8 - PDF 9 - This task is called "Everyone's an Expert - Even You!" and it emphasizes organic sharing and using a social network as your platform to brand yourself as an authority figure. Forget hard selling or converting - this task's goal is to have you promoting yourself as a "go to person" in your niche.

Day 9 - PDF 10 - This task is called "Branding Brady Bunch Style" and it's an idea that grew out of a simple social media post I read. Here, your goal is to begin the fundamental step of networking for your brand. 

Day 10 - PDF 11 - This task is called "Taking Twitter to the Next Level" and as you can guess, it's about Twitter! But not just Twittering like you've been Twittering - I teach you how to use the site from a branding perspective. 

Day 11 - PDF 12 - This task is called "Get Your Audience to Take a Pinterest in Your Brand" and it's about one of the up and coming social networks - "Tumblr for old people" as my son calls it, Pinterest. (Old meaning anyone over 20 in his mind). Pinterest has a lot of branding potential and it's a fantastic branding platform. 

Day 12 - PDF 13 - This task is called "Brand Yourself Via Email and Beyond" and it came about after a viral buzz campaign for About.me was launched. It's a centralized branding spot for you to showcase what you're all about. 

Day 13 - PDF 14 - This task - "Support Your Competition Day" - is one that is based on good will - the kind where it boosts your own branding because you gain the trust of your readers and build connections where other experts begin to recommend you to their readers. 

Now, I want you to ignore everything past this paragraph because this site is under construction. So look away - I see you being tempted to scroll down. No looking behind the curtain :) Oh okay go ahead - but nothing's working past this point and you have some branding to do, so get to work!

Tiff ;)

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